Nordhausen – Epitome of the Big Lie
Images of Nordhausen are used all over the major media – from, NBC, ABC, and “Holocaust” books written as proof of a deliberate German extermination policy going according to plan. However, almost every prisoner in this imagery was blown up or strafed by British warplanes!
Letter to the USHMM: The Tragedy of the Nordhausen Camp Hospital

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Ernst Zündel’s Last Interview & Lecture – Mexico, May 2015
Ernst Zündel gives a detailed account on how the Leuchter Report came into existence out of a scientifically-driven need to explain the actual story surrounding the so-called “Holocaust,” and how Fred Leuchter and his team were able to ship 130 luggage-bags full of rubble extracted from the Auschwitz camp, and other two camps in Poland, to be forensically examined back home in the US after the mission was accomplished, in a proper laboratory. Zündel also tells us about the accident and death of Mrs. Leuchter’s young son in an American airforce base in Oklahoma and how that played a strange role in the whole Leuchter Report event, as the Polish authorities became somewhat involved in rushing Leuchter and his team out of the country with the samples from the alleged “gas chambers”. After the examination concluded, those samples were eventually confiscated by Toronto’s police as Zündel and Leuchter included them as part of the evidence to be presented in Zündel’s case before court. The samples are still in custody to this day, 30+ years after the events took place, since they were considered “stolen” material. What an amazing excuse! In spite of all this, The Leuchter Report saw the light of day.

El Mayor Secreto del Siglo XX (The Biggest Secret of The 20th Century)

Anthony Lawson: Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?
Having been tortured, Rudolf Höss, who was the commander of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943, almost certainly lied to save the lives of his wife and children. Even if torture and duress cannot be proven, the overwhelming reason for recognizing the utter falsity of the Höss confession is that the gassing method he described was not scientifically plausible.  Yet Höss’s conviction has stood, by inference, as a testament to the cruelty of Germans in general, since he was tried at Nuremberg, in 1947, and subsequently hanged on April 16th, 1947, in Poland. Making a statement like this which doubts the officially ordained narrative can be a crime in a number of western “democracies,” believe it or not, and it is at least considered to be reprehensible in those countries that have not (yet?) outlawed dissenting views on this topic. This video discusses the social and judicial persecution of individuals voicing dissident opinions on the historical event usually referred to as the Holocaust. It castigates that persecution and lays bare the illegality and amorality of such activities. In addition, a number of the most striking historical arguments why dissenting = revisionist views on the Holocaust are reasonable, are presented. A brief look into the political agenda of those furthering the orthodox Holocaust narrative rounds up this amazing video.

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The ‘Gas Chambers’ not demonstrated at the Nuremberg Tribunal
This is a bi-lingual video from Vincent Reynouard. The narration is in French, with English sub-titles. At Nuremberg, the existence of the “gas chambers” was never demonstrated.

In seventy years, no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the “Nazi gas chambers”!

Fred Leuchter Talks About His Investigation of Alleged “Gassings” At Auschwitz

Fred Leuchter American Gas Chamber Expert: “These Facitlies Could Not Have Been Utilized As Execution Gas Chambers

The Leuchter Report: Fred Leuchter’s Summary Of His Report
The Leuchter Report is a document authored by American execution technician Fred A. Leuchter, who was commissioned by Ernst Zündel to investigate the feasibility of mass homicidal gassings at the Nazi concentration camps, specifically at Auschwitz. At the time Fred Leuchter was the only American with the expertise to accurately design, build and critique execution gas chambers for the various states in the union that condemn people to death. Because of his experience, he was called upon to travel to Poland and investigate the facilities at the Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek camps and to compile his findings in a technical report. Leuchter collected multiple pieces of brick from the remains of the crematoria and alleged gas chambers, brought them back to the United States, and submitted them for chemical analysis. The report was submitted as evidence at the Canadian free-speech trial where Ernst Zundel was being charged with thought crimes. The report contains numerous tables, figures, photos and charts. Leuchter changed the course of history when he concluded in his report that the locations investigated “could not have then been, or now be, utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.”

The Leuchter Report: A Crash Course

The Second Leuchter Report (Dachau, Mauthausen, Hartheim)
In March 1989, after writing the first report on Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek camps, Fred Leuchter travelled to the other camps, where mass murder with poison gas is claimed to have happened (Dachau, Mauthausen, Hartheim). He then wrote a similarly devastating report which concluded “that there were no gas execution chambers at any of these locations.” This study was accompanied by an annotated bibliography about published claims regarding these three alleged locations of mass murder compiled by Dr. Faurisson.

Fred Leuchter Interviewed by Jim Rizoli September 2015
Did you ever wonder what happened to Fred Leuchter, the U.S. specialist in execution technology who wrote the first-ever forensic report on the Auschwitz gas chambers in 1988? Here he tells his story.
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Robert Faurisson Interviewed by Jim Rizoli October 2015
The late French professor Dr. Robert Faurisson tells his story of how he became a revisionist and what that meant and still means for his life.

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Prof. Robert Faurisson: An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism
Filmed during Professor Robert Faurisson’s visit to Sweden in March 1992. An important video presentation for those who are trying to understand the basics of revisionism and even those who are familiar with this topic and want to review Professor Faurisson’s thesis on the gas-chamber question.

Germar Rudolf Interviewed by Jim Rizoli November 2015

Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom

Holohoax Survivors Who Tell The Truth
Eric Hunt: ‘Holohoax Survivors Who Tell The Truth’ has really hit a nerve. It’s shocking to hear Auschwitz inmates tell about their elaborate stage, with curtain rings and a grand piano, where they had plays and other musical performances. It’s shocking to see video of happy children playing in Theresenstadt juxtaposed with a woman telling about fun costumed children’s plays in her Auschwitz block, along with arts and crafts activities, with beautiful children’s murals painted on the walls. According to the official Holocaust narrative, all children were immediately gassed upon arrival!  “Testimony” such as this is extremely important to cast doubt on the “factory of death” Holocaust promoters push.  Auschwitz and Buchenwald inmates speak about being paid for their work in special currency, using their currency in camp cantinas and at the camp movie theater, receiving and sending postcards, and playing in well organized soccer tournaments.

Elie Wiesel’s Night – Auschwitz Holohoax Looney Tunes
Holocaust Hoaxer Elie Wiesel’s “Night” is used to brainwash naive public schoolchildren. Lying Weasel claims he walked to the edge of a flaming pit of fire at the entrance to Auschwitz. He claims the Germans dumped live babies into this pit. This is pure fantasy. Promoted by politicians, unquestioned by journalists. Truly Holohoax Looney Tunes! The truth? Auschwitz had a children’s barracks where they performed elaborate costumed plays. A Jewish artist describes painting the walls of the children’s barracks and helping them create costumes. The arts and crafts supplies were supplied by the Germans.

Holocaust Cremation Facts

Holocaust Cremation Facts 2

Vincent Reynouard: The “Holohoax” exposed in 30 minutes
1. The gassing of human beings is a well-worn theme of British war propaganda
2. Six million Jews exterminated? Impossible!
3. Children were born at Auschwitz and survived
4. Auchwitz, camps with modern hospitals for the inmates…
5.The alleged gas chamber in Auschwitz I vs real gas chambers in the USA
6. « Gas chambers » at Birkenau? No, morgues!
7. 1993: scientific proof
8. The crematory ovens at Auschwitz
9. Why the Allies did not bomb Auschwitz…
10. 1944: air photos show nothing suspicious
11. The « Final Solution »: this was the deportation of the Jews to the east
12. The photographs take at the liberation of the camps: how the Allies lied by omission

Ernst Zündel interviews Dr. Russell Barton (The truth about Bergen-Belsen)
Dr. Russell Barton who was a medic in the British army was one of the first to enter the Bergen-Belsen camp in 1945. He gives an interesting first-hand account of what he saw and didn’t see. Dr. Russell Barton’s testimony is a clear contradiction to the “eyewitness” accounts given at that time.
Bergen-Belsen Camp: The Suppressed Story

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Ernst Zündel Interviews David Cole (1993)

Ernst Zündel  Holocaust Facts vs. Fiction part 1 of 3

David Irving  The Holocaust Lie

Germar Rudolf  Holocaust Revisionist in Exile

Holocaust History Project
What really happened in the camps narrated by Jim Rizoli.

Zionism’s Holocaustianity Big Lie

Hard Facts of The Holocaust

Prof. Faurisson: Introduction to Holocaust revisionism

The Problem of the Gas Chambers

Short Documentary: Nazi Gas Chambers Exposed

Auschwitz: The Missing Cyanide

Auschwitz versus Science: a documentary about the gas chambers and crematoria of the Holocaust

True Holocaust Facts 

Jewish Holocaust: The Truth

The Fake Chimney at Auschwitz

Auschwitz Fake Gas Chamber

Jim Rizoli gives Auschwitz Tour 

Auschwitz Deaths lowered again……

“SIX MILLION JEWS” reference in ten newspapers between 1915-1938

The Holocaust before the Holocaust (documentary film)

More premature Holocaust stories

Bishop Williamson  Not one Jew was killed in a gas chamber

Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles
This stunning interview of Frau Ursula Haverbeck on German TV has been described as a “seismic event.” For the first time ever on German TV, a major public figure has had the courage to deny the Holocaust. Don’t miss this 49-minute interview in German with English subtitles.

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Professor Robert Faurisson – The Victories of Revisionism